the Marnie Bacon Show


My first music video! "Om Shanti", performed (and recorded) live at McGreal's Tavern in Norwell, set amongst the photography of Chris Bernstein.

Live Music Yoga

MJB Kirtan Jam

The practice of yoga can go perfectly (imperfectly!) hand-in-hand with live music.  At Dragonfly Yoga Studio, our  guest mucisians are quite skilled and have developed a sensitivity to group energy and to the magic of yoga as a healing art. The music is meant to feed and inspire you through your practice, and you in turn, feed and inspire our musical-guests creativity. Each session is unique and this natural experience can create a wonderful atmosphere for all! For more information on our next live-music-yoga, please go to the events page.

"Marnie's our voice reminds me of caramel. It is smooth, sweet sounding and filled with love and compassion."
Kim Dwyer
Yoga Teacher
Marshfield, MA.

Free Music Download:

This song, written by Marnie Bacon, was recorded at Summer Sky Digital Media. It features:

Easy Speak (Om Namah Shivaya)